The first communication app which both speaks and listens!

Alela connects people

Conventional communication tools assume problems in communication to stem from the person with communication difficulties. Alela on the other hand views communication as a collaboration between people. It has a listening function which understands communication partners by translating spoken language into images. This way the person with communication difficulties gets assistance to understand questions and give appropriate responses.

Alela's benefits at a glance


Independence through communication

Use a perfectly structured image vocabulary to express yourself independently in everyday situations.


Participate in daily life

Easily get in touch with any speaking person by using the listening function. No matter if you are in a restaurant, on a train or at a playground.


Show your individuality

Use Alela's various settings to customize it to your needs.


Communicate everywhere

Alela can be used completely offline. That way you can communicate carefree at any of your favorite places.


Developed with heart

Alela was developed in cooperation with communication experts, affected persons and their relatives.

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Understand spoken language

Alela can translate spoken language into images using its listening function. Furthermore it understands simple questions and suggests possible answers.

Practice with ease

Alela's practice feature simplifies the process of learning how to create sentences.

Personalizable vocabulary

Alela's vocabulary can be completely edited and rearranged. It offers you the flexibility to add new words, phrases or categories. You can even select custom images for any word.

A step towards diversity

Alela has a unique image language where gender, skin color and hair color can be customized.

Tell us your Alela story

We are looking forward to read about your experiences with Alela and how you use Alela in your daily life. If you have any problems, questions or suggestions, feel free to send us a message.

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A communication app for everyone

Every child and adult with communication difficulties should have access to a communication app. For this reason Alela has a free version which offers basic features for image-based communication.




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